Army Cutoff Scores

The Army releases its cutoff scores for promotion every month. These numbers are based on MOS and recommended rank and are updated on the 24th of every month. Promotion points are used for a variety of reasons. Among them is education. They also help determine the number of soldiers who can receive a promotion.

Promotion points are still used to rank soldiers

Soldiers may still write to the President of the Promotion Board to request that they be promoted. This is allowed and encouraged, but only if there is something in their records that is relevant. Promotion records are a compilation of everything that a soldier has done in the military, from decorations to duty positions to educational accomplishments, official photographs, and records of disciplinary action.

The Army has recently announced plans to change the promotion point system. Starting June 1, the points system will be changed in many ways. One of the changes will be the elimination of commander’s points and the addition of points for deployments. This will give each soldier two points for every month he or she is deployed. Another change will be the elimination of points for professional development correspondence subcourses.

The promotion worksheet will include administrative points, awards, decorations, badges, and civilian and military education. In addition, the promotion worksheet will include rank-specific point opportunities. Soldiers must update this worksheet regularly, since circumstances may change. The Army Reserve’s promotion system is outlined in Army Regulation 600-8-19.

The Army uses a complicated formula to determine promotion points. This system helps Human Resources Command (HRC) officers predict the size of the Army in the coming years. The officers then evaluate how many soldiers are expected to leave the service over the next two years, and estimate how many will need promotions.

Promotion points are still used to rank soldiers, but they have been adjusted to reflect current circumstances. The Army now calculates the points twice a year, and soldiers who are not on the recommended list will have to have their points re-computed. Soldiers must submit their points on or before the 8th of the month prior to their promotion date. During this period, they must also submit their supporting documents to the S1 for entry into the Army Promotion Point Worksheet.

Promotion points were first used to rank soldiers before the introduction of the new Army promotion process. Currently, promotion points are given for each soldier’s military decorations and their performance on the Physical Fitness Test.

They are based on MOS and recommended rank

Army cutoff scores are determined based on a Soldier’s record and MOS. The recommended rank and MOS are determined through a selection board. The board evaluates each candidate’s record on a scale of one to six. A score of three or higher indicates that the candidate is fully qualified to move to the next rank, while a score of two or less indicates that the Soldier should remain in the grade or go through the QMP process.

The Army uses these cutoff scores to determine whether a Soldier is fully eligible for promotion. The number of fully eligible Soldiers in each point range is based on the recommended rank and MOS. These statistics are analyzed each month to ensure the best possible promotion opportunities for all Soldiers.

The process is complicated because there are so many variables. The Army has long strived to maintain a fair balance within skill sets and to minimize the disproportionate number of Soldiers who may not be qualified for a particular MOS. Consequently, the cutoff scores are designed to keep this balance in the Army.

The recommended rank is the next tier above enlisted. This rung is attainable by those who have met all requirements. A soldier must score a minimum of 350 points on the promotion board in order to be promoted to an E-5. If the soldier is eligible for a promotion to an E-6 level, he must have a minimum of 450 points total to be promoted.

Those who are eligible to be promoted can write a letter to the president of the promotion board to inform the board of their request for a promotion. This type of written communication is authorized but discouraged unless the soldier can provide important information that is not found in the promotion records. Promotion records contain everything in the soldier’s military record, including his military service, duty assignments, educational achievements, official photograph, and disciplinary action records.

While junior level promotions are fairly straightforward, promotions to the senior rank are more complicated. The recommended rank and MOS of a soldier determine the ranking of the candidate. Hence, it’s important to maximize your promotion points to increase your chances of promotion.

They are released on the 24th of each month

Army cutoff scores are typically released between the fifteenth and twentyth calendar days of each month. However, they can be delayed for internal HRC reasons. If the link below is grayed out, you will not see current cutoff scores. To keep up with the latest cutoffs, you can check Army’s official website.