How to Become a Green Beret Officer?

The Army’s Special Forces soldiers, colloquially known as Green Berets, are a group of elite problem solvers. From training indigenous personnel to fighting terrorists, they’re the nimble fingers of the U.S. military. To become a green beret, you must first pass a series of tests that can take up to two years to complete. This requires physical fitness, mental toughness, and a dedication to the mission. Becoming a Green Beret is long and arduous.

To become a Green Beret:

  • Candidates must first graduate high school and pass a physical exam.
  • Then, they must select a MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), such as infantry or language speaker.
  • The next step is to complete basic training and Airborne school.
  • Then, they must pass the Special Forces Assessment and Selection course and SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course).

The process is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of dedication. Those who are successful in the end are awarded the Green Beret and enter into one of the most elite groups in the world.

Army Special Forces soldiers are deployed worldwide and carry out critical missions that often defy the odds. They are renowned for their steadfast honor, courage, and integrity tradition. Their accomplishments have made the Green Berets a symbol of excellence and a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom. The green beret is a uniform headgear worn by the Army Special Forces. It was selected in 1952, in part because of OSS influence and partly because of the color of the hats worn by British Commandos during World War II. The Special Forces’ commander, Brigadier General William Yarborough, wore the green beret when he briefed President John F. Kennedy during a visit to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in 1961.

How Hard is it to Get into the Green Berets

How Hard is it to Get into the Green Berets?

The Green Berets are the elite soldiers of the United States Army and are among the most highly trained forces in the world. However, becoming a member of the group is not for the faint of heart. In addition to a high-level training, green berets must endure a rigorous selection process. This includes passing the Army’s basic physical fitness test, which requires candidates to do a certain number of push-ups and sit-ups in two minutes and run 2 miles with a 55-pound backpack.

Those who make it through the first phase of training will then undergo a more intensive assessment and selection process that lasts around 63 weeks and is broken down into six phases. Those who pass will go on to complete the Special Forces Qualification Course and become bona fide green berets.

In addition to advanced weapons and military intelligence, Green Berets also receive cultural training so they can better understand the people they are working with in foreign countries. They will also learn a variety of medical skills, including how to treat various injuries and illnesses.

Some Green Berets come to the unit after already serving in the regular Army or another branch of service. This is called the 18X program and gives enlisted soldiers a shot at Green Beret training after completing basic infantry training, airborne school, and the Special Forces Preparation Course. Those who enter this way tend to stay in the unit for shorter periods than those who go through traditional army recruit training.

Can a Civilian Become a Green Beret

Can a Civilian Become a Green Beret?

Typically, Special Forces candidates are already in the Army. However, civilians who are not enlisted can sign an 18X contract which allows them to go directly to Special Forces selection and bypass the regular Army Officer Candidate program. The program requires 18X candidates to complete Infantry Basic Training, Airborne School, and the Special Forces Preparation Course. They must also pass a rigorous APFT, which includes pull-ups, the 5-mile run, and a 12-mile ruck march with 65 pounds on their back.

Special Forces seeks the ultimate problem solver with an unquenchable desire to become a Green Beret. These highly intelligent professionals can reach their objectives by land, water, or air-armed to the teeth. They cross behind enemy lines undetected, hunt down terrorists, and train guerrilla armies. They exceed all standards and defy conventions.

Are Green Berets Paid Well?

Green Berets are paid well for their specialized skills and high level of dedication to the mission. They receive a number of special stipends, such as jump pay and HALO (high altitude, low opening) pay. They also get specialty pay for scuba certification and any other specialized training they may have received.