DA Form 4856

The Department of the Army has updated DA Form 4856 to make it easier for leaders to communicate with their subordinates. The enhanced version includes a section for key points of discussion, a plan of action, session closing, and leader responsibilities. The template also includes a section for event-oriented counseling, which is typically used to counsel soldiers on their demonstrated performance or potential.

What is DA Form 4856?

The DA 4856 Form, or the Developmental Counseling Form, is used by counselors and leaders in the Army to document counseling sessions for soldiers. It includes personal information, discussion points, and a plan for the soldier. The form is also a way for leaders to review their soldiers’ performance and potential. It is important to note that the information included on this form is confidential.

The updated DA 4856 provides Non-Commissioned Officers with a streamlined process that allows them to build strong relationships and help their soldiers succeed. The new form features dynamic templates that can be adjusted on the fly based on the type of counseling being conducted, including performance evaluations and promotion recommendations. The changes also highlight the importance of developing a plan of action and providing feedback, both of which can have an impact on an individual’s military career.

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How to Fill Out DA Form 4856

How to Fill Out DA Form 4856?

DA Form 4856, also known as the Developmental Counseling Form, is used to document counseling sessions between leaders and soldiers in the United States Army. It contains sections for administrative data, background information, key points of discussion, a plan of action, session closing, leader responsibilities, and assessment. It is important that individuals fill out this form accurately, ensuring that all relevant details are included. In addition, it is recommended that individuals familiarize themselves with military counseling processes and resources prior to completing this form.

Effective counseling is an integral part of developing a strong and cohesive unit. The updated DA Form 4856 offers comprehensive guidelines for successful counseling sessions, helping leaders develop and train their soldiers while fostering a professional development and growth culture.

The DA Form 4856 can help streamline the counseling process, making it easier for leaders to communicate with their Soldiers and resolve issues. To complete the DA Form 4856, simply enter the appropriate information and sign and date the form. If necessary, the leader can also include additional notes or comments to clarify the information provided further. The completed DA Form 4856 can then be submitted to a superior officer for review. The DA Form 4856 is available for download in both XFDL (Pure Edge/Lotus Forms Viewer) and PDF formats.