Army EAMS Login Page

The Army eAMS portal is an online resource that enables Service members to access and view military-related information. It includes a wide range of tools and resources, such as financial benefits, hourly child care service options, and MilLife Learning courses. All Army personnel need to activate their PIV certificate (click these 64bit / 32bit links for instructions). This is a mandatory requirement.

What is Army EAMS?

The Army EAMS (Army Electronic Account Management System) is a series of software applications that perform various business functions at the Department of the Army installation level. Its role-based technology allows authorized personnel to manage hard copy and electronic Army records through a single portal. It also offers a variety of other services, including the ability to access online Army publications and resources.

The Army Public Health Center enhances readiness by identifying and assessing current and emerging public health threats, developing and communicating public health solutions, and assuring the quality of the Army’s Public Health Enterprise. The Army Publication Directorate provides Army regulations, directives and policies in an easy-to-use, online repository.

Army Entertainment promotes Soldier based entertainment competitions such as Operation Rising Star, The U.S. Army Soldier Show, and the Festival of Performing Arts & Recreation Program Competition. These competitive events encourage local participation and serve as feeder activities for national and international competitions.

The Army Combined Arms Center (CAC) supports the force modernization proponent and commander by providing studies, doctrine, products, training, and leader development in the areas of unified land operations at echelons above brigade, airspace control, information operations, operational security, military deception, human performance, and capability integration.

The Army Safety Management Information System Revised (ASMIS 2.0) provides a framework of people, processes and technology to integrate, synchronize and optimize Army Safety and Occupational Health capabilities to enable readiness and resilience for the Army and its mission-critical workforce. The Army’s online incident reporting system aims to reduce accidental loss by increasing regulatory compliance and improving accountability.

How to Login Army EAMS

How to Login Army EAMS?

To log in to Army EAMS, you will need a CAC and a username and password. If you do not have a CAC, you can register for one by visiting the CAC registration page referenced below. Once registered, you can login to Army EAMS from your desktop or mobile device. You can also use Army MobileConnect to add a second authentication factor to your login. This works through automatic push notifications or a one-time passcode.