The Army Launches SmartVoucher to Make Temporary Duty Travel Vouchers Easier

A little over a year ago, the Army launched SmartVoucher, an online application that makes it easier for Soldiers to complete error-free temporary duty travel vouchers, DD Form 1351. Accessible anytime / anywhere with a CAC or myPay login, the program cuts PCS claim returns by up to 50%.

Travelers simply log in to SmartVoucher using their CAC or myPay ID and password, answer a few easy questions similar to tax software, attach required forms and monitor their email for status updates or corrections needed.

Faster Payments

When compared to manual systems, SmartVoucher pays Soldiers up to 50 percent faster. It also cuts voucher returns to DFAS by up to 50%, and provides visibility through SMS and email alerts as Soldiers’ claims move through the process. PCS travelers log into SmartVoucher using CAC or myPay to answer a series of user-friendly questions and complete their DD Form 1351-2. Once completed, a DFAS travel voucher is created and any other required forms are uploaded. The system also allows users to sign documents electronically, cutting forms processing times at military pay offices by up to 50%. The system is available anytime/anywhere and Soldiers are notified as their claims move through the process.

Completed Vouchers Get Paid Faster

Completed Vouchers Get Paid Faster

When you use SmartVoucher to complete your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) voucher, you will get it completed up to 50% faster. You will also be notified as your claim moves through the process. Simply log into SmartVoucher using your CAC or myPay ID and password, answer a series of easy questions similar to tax software, attach required forms and submit your completed voucher.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact your local military pay office.

SmartVoucher will not ensure your submission contains all required documents. Please refer to your submission instructions to ensure you have included all necessary documentation including orders, order amendments and civilian relocation income tax allowance paperwork. It is only available to Army active, reserve and mobilized National Guard Soldiers submitting TDY travel vouchers that are not processed in DTS. For more information on how to use SmartVoucher, click here.