Ako Offline

AKOffline is a stateless application that is available online through a third-party website. It is not endorsed by the U.S. Army and therefore is not supported by them. However, it is possible to access it if you have a Common Access Card. This card will let you log into AKO without having to use a password.

It is not supported by the U.S. Army

When registering for Army Knowledge Online (AKO), you must request a sponsor’s approval. Once approved, you will need to coordinate with your sponsor for assistance. You can also contact the Helpdesk for help if you do not have an active account. There may be some users who have created an inactive account, which the Army Knowledge Online Helpdesk can check.

The Army Knowledge Online portal is used by a number of soldiers and is a gateway to many Army sites. However, the Army does not own, maintain, or endorse this portal. It accepts links from its users, including those to milConnect and SRB websites.

Army Knowledge Online was created as an experiment in the 1990s. The General Officer Management Office, in a project dubbed America’s Army Online, aimed to create a global system for Army personnel. The Army uses Army Knowledge Online as unclassified information and For Official Use Only (FOUO). The early version of the portal contained standardized e-mail addresses, centralized authentication procedures, white pages, and the ability to access content remotely.

The Army has several programs that support soldiers’ families. The Army Community Covenant program is one such initiative. This program is an effective means of fostering community and state partnerships with the Army. The program is open to all military branches. It promotes morale, welfare, and recreation programming.

It is stateless in nature

Ako offline is a closed-to-the-public, stateless online training system that is not supported by the U.S. Army. Despite the lack of official support, AKO Offline has some benefits that make it worthwhile for those looking for a better way to train. For more information, see our About Ako offline page. We’ve also included links to official U.S. Army websites where you can learn more about the system and its benefits.