IMS Army

The IMS Army offers comfortable and effective aviator caps. The caps are breathable, impact resistant, and INMETRO certified. They are tested by professional pilots to ensure that they meet safety and performance requirements. These capes are also ABS resistant and are highly ventilated. They provide excellent comfort and value for money.

Camisa IMS Army

The new Army 2020 collection by IMS Racing features new features and technologies inspired by the expertise of IMS athletes in major competitions. These features enable IMS to offer the best off-road gear available. The lineup includes products for all modalities and pilotage levels. The camisa is made of 100% polester ventilated fabric and features the tecnology DRY and evaporative cooling.

The camisa IMS Army has vented side panels and an elasticated joelho for a perfect fit. The fabric is incredibly breathable and features sublimated graphics for maximum comfort. The camisa is also durable and has ample space for personalization. And because it’s made of 100% poliester, you can be sure it will not pill or fade over time.

Calca IMS Army

The Calca IMS Army is designed to provide excellent comfort during off-road riding. Made of poliester 660, it has an elasticated joelho, a pre-curvada design, and velcro side closures. It also has a high-quality front closure.

The IMS Army helmet is made of a special fabric that is highly resistant, yet lightweight and breathable. It is made by IMS Racing, which has a lot of experience in off-road racing. The company’s laboratories have developed a helmet that is the best value for money. In addition, the camisa has special zippering on the front for ventilation.

The Calca IMS Army is available in two versions. One has a vented frontal closure and the other has a pre-curved model for comfort. It has sublimated graphics and is made from a lightweight, breathable material. It also has an elastic joelho and fechamento.

Logistics and Resources Division

The Logistics and Resources Division is a major component of the IMS. It is responsible for the overall management of the military’s resources and policies. It also coordinates and executes projects. It helps the IMS Army meet its mission objectives, including providing logistics and finance support. The division also facilitates the development of plans and concepts.

This division consists of several subdivisions. Among them are materiel management, inventory management, and property accountability. It also performs a range of other activities, including developing national infrastructure plans and controlling use of existing defense infrastructure. It also manages equipment on-hand and coordinates with domestic and international transportation companies.

Security cooperation is a critical component of the U.S. national, regional, and bilateral security agendas. Several entities have a stake in logistics, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, Combatant Commands, and service-based acquisition communities. Fulfilling the requirements of each entity is difficult and requires careful consideration.

Office of the Gender Advisor

The International Military Staff (IMS) has a Gender Advisor. The role of this advisor is to support the integration of a gender perspective into military operations. They do so through a variety of methods, including examining the relationship between men and women, their access to resources, and their relative constraints. They also consider the impact of age, race, and ethnicity, among other factors.

The Office of the Gender Advisor is part of the NATO International Military Staff. It was created in 1998 as the Office on Women in NATO Forces and expanded its mission to include gender as a whole in 2014. The Office of the Gender Advisor is the focal point for NATO’s work in this area. The Office is also responsible for supporting UNSCR 1820, which addresses conflict-related sexual violence.

The military needs a diverse pool of personnel to ensure peace and security. A gender perspective is important in all NATO operations. In particular, the military needs women to complement male personnel with complementary skills. To achieve this, the International Military Staff has created the Office of the Gender Advisor to embed a gender perspective into NATO operations.