ALMS Army Help Desk

The ALMS army help desk provides training and support to users of ALMS. In addition to providing training for users, this group also answers tickets from ALMS training staff and offers assistance and subject matter expertise in using ALMS. This team also tests courseware that isn’t made by TRADOC, puts it in the right folder in the Production Repository and talks to the Course Manager who made it to find out how it should work in ALMS.

Upgrades to the ALMS Army Help Desk

Alms is a learning management system (LMS) that allows users to customize their learning experience and learn in an efficient manner. Its intuitive graphical user interface allows for easy navigation and displays the current learning status. It also allows learners to test out of a topic and automatically records training completion. This eliminates the need to manually report training completion or print certificates. Additionally, ALMS helps manage training records by notifying soldiers when training is scheduled.

The Army Learning Management System (ALMS) is a central learning management system for army professionals. It provides centralized learning and scheduling capabilities for instructors, unit commanders, and individual users. The ALMS also allows users to register for self-paced courses, meeting their learning needs around the clock.

Benefits to Users

Among the many benefits offered by the ALMS army help desk is the ability to receive assistance from a centralized subject matter expert. This resource allows the Army to improve and maintain ALMS proficiency. The ALMS CSC also helps to ensure courseware playability. It tests and loads courseware into the appropriate folder in the Production Repository. Then, it contacts the proponent course manager and makes sure that the course behaves correctly on ALMS. It also answers Army Training Help Desk tickets.

Online ALMS Training Drom DAC

In order to register for DAC online training in the Army, you must register for an account with the Defense Ammunition Center (DAC). You will need to log in to the DAC via your AKO account. Once you have registered, you can begin the course.