Alms Army DLC

The Army DLC, also known as the Army Distance Learning Center, is a military online training system. It is similar to the former SSDS, and army personnel are automatically enrolled. It offers updates and hopes to one day support mobile devices. To access Army DLC, enter the course title into the search bar and follow the prompts. To access this system, you will need an AKO or CAC account.

Course content

ALMS stands for Army Learning Management System. This website enables you to enroll in courses within 72 hours of the application process. The DLC and SSD courses are offered concurrently, and both are open for enrollment between July 1 and February 29, 2020. The DLC course content consists of six levels for each NCO rank.

This course prepares the staff sergeant for leadership and management duties at the unit and organizational levels. Students learn about the Leader Requirements Model and Leader Core Competencies. In addition, they are taught how to develop their decision-making and administrative skills. After completing the course, they may apply for a higher-level leadership position in the Army.

In addition to this, the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) offers a centralized system for scheduling training. The system allows unit commanders, instructors, and individual users to schedule training sessions. Additionally, the system offers self-paced courses around the clock to meet the needs of distributed learners.

What is Army Learning Management System?

The ALMS, or learning management system, is an online system that allows users to create training programs and courses. Typically, a course is composed of several lessons, each containing one or more activities designed to help students learn the material. This system is free to use and can be found on the United States Army’s website.

The ALMS is designed to help the army deliver high-quality training to its personnel. It does this by centralizing the learning process and facilitating the scheduling and delivery of quality training. It can save the Army up to 70 percent of training time. After completing the registration process, you can see your training history and complete the process of enrolling in courses.

The Master Sergeant Leadership Course (MSLC) prepares the Staff Sergeant to lead at the unit and organizational level. It teaches a specialized set of leadership skills and develops the Leader Core Competencies and Leader Requirements Model. Students will learn to lead a platoon-size element and take on administrative and staff roles. The course is also required for a person to qualify for the Senior Leader Course.


If you have recently purchased ALMS, you are probably wondering what the Army DLC is and how to get it. The Army DLC course is 45 hours long and contains 20 lessons. It is a prerequisite to the Basic Leader Course, which takes about 24 months to complete. Once enrolled in the course, the user will follow a choose-your-own-adventure-style interface that leads the player through a series of missions and tasks.

The Army Learning Management System allows training managers, instructors, unit commanders, and individual users to schedule training. In addition, individuals can register for self-paced courses on the system to satisfy their individual needs and meet their training requirements around the clock. This program is a great way for soldiers to get the training they need at a time and place that works for them.

In addition to developing leadership skills, the Army DLC also prepares soldiers to assume senior-level duties. It teaches individuals how to lead a platoon-sized element, develops Leadership Core Competencies, and focuses on decision-making skills. It also prepares people for the Nominative Leader Course.

The Army will require soldiers to complete the DLC in order to get a promotion. If a soldier does not complete the DLC, they must contact their retention NCO or HRC to get re-enrollment. They must also show that they have not completed the SSD equivalent.

Currently, soldiers in the E-1 through E-3 ranks will not be enrolled in DLC I until they advance to SPC. When they achieve that level, they will automatically be enrolled in DLC I. Soldiers in these ranks must complete IMT, AKO credentials, and DLC enrollment.

The Alms Army has an online tool called the Distributed Leader Course. This is an educational program that guides soldiers through their path to becoming a sergeant. The DLC consists of six different stages, each corresponding to a leadership course. The course replaces the old system, which allowed soldiers to complete some of their training before taking leadership courses. As a result, some soldiers may have completed training that had no correlation to their coursework.