ALMS Registerable Courses

ALMS offers a number of courses that are open for registration. The website updates often, so you might be able to take a course that is not listed here. This webpage offers a brief summary of the available courses. You may want to check out the full listing of all the available courses on ALMS’s website to find the perfect one for you.

AMCOM AESIP HUB Prerequisite Training

The AESIP Hub provides the Army with an enterprise information system that integrates financial, logistics, and business processes. Through the integration of data and processes, the Army can optimize business processes. This solution has the potential to reduce costs and improve logistics planning.

AMCOM Army Aviation Maintenance

The Army Aviation Maintenance Course (AMCOM) provides students with the knowledge and skills to support aviation operations. AMCOM’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Warrant Officer Advanced Course, for example, focuses on 21st-century soldier competencies, leadership development processes, and mentorship skills. The course also teaches the fundamentals of aviation technical, managerial, and analytical functions.

This course prepares officers to perform the role of contract officer representative (COR) for civilian contractors. A COR will coordinate external and internal support for aviation maintenance operations. The course is mandatory for all officers involved in maintenance operations, whether they are enlisted or civilian.

The AE Regulation 750-1 supersedes AE Regulation 738-71 and establishes maintenance policies for USAREUR’s area of responsibility. It includes updated contact information and mailing and e-mail addresses. The policy applies to USAREUR’s major subordinate commands and major support-maintenance activities.

Amy Civil Liberties Program

The Army Civil Liberties Program protects the civil liberties of Army Service Members, civilian employees, and the public. The program is administered by the Secretary of the Army, who appoints a Senior Executive Service member to serve as the POC for the Army Civil Liberties Office.

The program promotes awareness of civil liberties and encourages positive leadership at all levels. It is designed to be comprehensive and is divided into different areas. In addition to promoting civil liberties for all service members, the program also promotes a positive leadership environment.

Complaint Processor Course

The ALMS REGISTERABLE COURSES complaint processor course provides students with the tools necessary to process complaints and resolve conflicts. This course has been specifically designed for pre-commission examiners with at least 18 months of relevant experience. The course should be taken after completing Financial Institution Analysis School, and before attempting the Loan Analysis School course. In addition to being open to appropriate staff at partner government regulatory agencies, the course is not open to the public or to the staff of private banks.

Army Civil Liberties Program

The Army Civil Liberties Program (ACLP) protects the rights of Army employees and Service Members. The program is led by an Army POC, who is appointed by the Secretary of the Army. He or she also serves as the Civil Liberties Officer. The Army POC is a civilian senior to the Secretary of the Army who serves as the Army’s civilian civil liberties officer.

The Army Civil Liberties Program is comprehensive and focuses on awareness, promotion, and civil liberties. The program also emphasizes developing positive leadership environments at all levels. Individuals who are interested in taking courses through the program should consider enrolling in these courses. They can earn college credit and up to 75 promotion points.

Senior Leader Course

The ALMS Registerable Courses for Senior Leaders (ALSL) program was created to develop leaders in the military who have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead at the strategic level. The course is designed to enhance students’ understanding of strategic and operational environments, as well as to build their confidence in advising senior decision-makers. It is taught in an adult learning environment and requires students to take a personality assessment before the course begins. Upon completion of the course, students will have access to a network of U.S., alliance, and coalition alumni who can help them navigate the complex global security environment.

Supervisor Knowledge Course

This course aims to equip supervisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage the work of employees. This course provides information on disciplinary and performance management processes, as well as actionable steps that supervisors can take to resolve workplace issues.